Market & Selling Channels

Food service, manufacturing, supermarkets

Market & Selling Channels

NEWFISH is selling in the following countries: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Portugal, South Africa, Denmark, Kenya, Holland, Greece, Taiwan, Mauritius…

In these countries we attend the following selling channels:


Food Service
Catering companies or distributors which supply to:
Schools, Hospitals, Army, Prisons, Geriatrics, Hotels, Restaurants, and many other kind of Public and Private Institutions.

NEWFISH is specialist in developing products for Food Service.

Product consultancy available, starting from nutritional values definition, following by identifying species, optimum cuts, presentations and packing options, always considering client target prices on budget.

Newfish collaborates closely with Heineken Food Service Schools in Spain to jointly develop recipes and cooking proposals for our customers taking into account each product particularities.

Newfish has already developed  food service products and is supplying them to important catering companies  as Serunion, Sodexho, Eurest (Compass Group) etc… .


Food Manufacturing
Newfish supply raw material or partially processed products for:

  • Cutting/processing industry.
  • Canning industry.
  • Pre-cooking industry (products ready for further cooking processes at industrial level).

Product degree of processing can be adjusted to client raw material needs in order to simplify at maximum client processes and reduce cost.


Product for supermarkets in retail packaging.

Did you know?
Newfish shorten the distance between origins and final users and approach both realities, adjusting product concept to product function and simplifying supply chain.