About Us

We provide frozen fish solutions

About Us

To deliver the best frozen fish solutions directly from the origin, to fulfil clients products needs in all terms (specifications, quality and price) depending on the selling channel they operate.

Sustainability, quality, competitiveness and commitment are essential part of our mission.


To become the most valued and trusted source for frozen fish product solutions for our customer base.


The company
Founded by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals grown in the frozen fish sector, NEWFISH bases their differential service in:

  •  Wide knowledge and presence in key fisheries worldwide through different type of agreements with local companies to assure raw material supply and production control capability
  • Wide knowledge of selling market and continuous prospection of final users product needs in all terms (nutritional values, specifications, volumes and targeted costs…)
  • NEWFISH approaches fisheries idiosyncrasy and capabilities to final market users by prospecting and managing both sides information in order to (jointly with our customer and supplier) develop the best product solution in all aspects.
Did you know?
NEWFISH is present in key locations worldwide in order to provide a dynamic and global service to our customers in the frozen fish sector.
Headquarters: Bilbao (Spain).
Delegations: Walvis Bay (Namibia), Port Louis (Mauritius), Shanghai (China), New York (USA), Madrid and Seville (Spain)
Warehouses: Vigo (Spain).